Molly O’Connor is an instructor and PhD candidate, working on her doctorate in history of education. Her research agenda examines how U.S. college campuses have historically served as sites of civic education and examines the international transmission of social movements and political ideas through education and educators. Her current project looks specifically at the role of African American college presidents at Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the early 20th century.

She is a member of the History of Education Society, Association for the Study of African American Life and History, and American Educational Research Association.

For more information on her research interests or teaching experience, please visit those respective pages.

A proud Oklahoma native, Molly has lived and worked in Washington, DC, Princeton, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA, in addition to work and research abroad in India, Nepal, Thailand, and South Africa. She is a proud graduate of the University of Dallas, where she earned her BA in political philosophy (classical and American) with concentrations in International Studies and French. Her love of learning only grew at UD and encouraged her next step, an MA in International Politics with concentrations in International Organizations and Social Political Theory from top-ten-ranked American University School of International Service.

Her professional experience includes non-profit communications, fundraising, and community outreach. In her work and spare time, she has helped non-profits by conducting and authoring program evaluation reports, establishing new partnerships, editing content for publication, managing college internship programs, writing articles and editorials, designing website and print materials, and planning large-scale events (i.e., fundraising galas, leadership workshops, spiritual/personal development retreats).

When not in the library, classroom, or administrative meetings, Molly enjoys chasing her active toddler, spending time with her family, volunteering for community organizations, reading, cooking/baking, crafting, traveling, and exploring her adopted home state, Pennsylvania. She is in constant pursuit of attempting new hobbies and skills–having spent the better part of her life trying to learn piano, master yoga, and recently deciding to take up quilting. Molly serves on the board of directors for the Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival, a non-profit dedicated to creating opportunities for women in theatre.